Born in Los Angeles, California, Jazzminy moved to and was raised in Austin, Texas. A Texas Real Estate professional.   


 Meet the Woman

    A dependable and colorful personality that makes clients feel confident that you can achieve their desired results. Family and friends are an important part of her life. Speaking both English and Spanish. Jazzminy loves to connect with and help people. A gift from her grandmother is her excellent baking skills. Early morning yoga, cycling, weight lifting, or long runs being her preferred exercise. Classically trained in a Grammy-Award winning Fine Arts Academy where she learned viola, cello, and piano, music is one her of longest held avocations. Jazzminy is pursuing her associate degree in Business Administration, to be able to serve as a realtor with expert professionalism.

   Jazzminy is educated in the Austin/ Central market from years of living in the beautiful city of Austin. Her intimate experience with some of the best neighborhoods and schools is more than valuable when it comes to relocation in this area of Texas. A realtor like Jazzminy would not only save the money you invested in your property but help you understand how to grow it over time. Jazzminy interest in real estate began while working as a stage actress for Paramount Theatre in downtown Austin. Inciting her eye for detail that helped accelerated her passion for evaluating amazing properties. The neoclassical mixed with the array of different hidden gems of architecture styles modern to renaissance impacted her natural incline for business and design.   



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